Hey there,
I’m Rider Davis,
and I created whatever this thing is.

By now, I’m assuming you are wondering what the hell started this fantastical contraption. Believe it or not, it all started from a simple visitor greeter. Once upon a time, there was an angry little man that tried to use a simple visitor greeter. The angry little man hated the way it spammed people so greatly, that he began working to make it better.

As time went on better turned into unbelievable,
and some time later unbelievable turned into amazing.

Okay, so maybe that lends a bit too much excitement to the process, but seriously, that’s really how it happened. I wanted a greeter that didn’t spam, and I couldn’t really do that with how Second Life handles memory right now. So the only logical conclusion, was to create my own system for handling and addressing memory, in order to create something completely different from what I started with.

Believe it or not,
this all started from a rather lack-luster visitor greeter at Canine Cove.
And while I admired it’s friendliness, it just wouldn’t stop!

So here we are,
The ∞ Project

Redefining In-World Possibilities

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