• What is it?
    A) Well, The ∞ Project is a script… Or more accurately a method of scripting, that doesn’t work the way they currently do.
  • How does it work?
    A) You didn’t actually come here expecting me to answer that did you? It’s proprietary, folks!
  • Where can I get it?
    A) The ∞ Project is an ongoing project. Right now, we are in Alpha Phase where the product exists, works, and is still being developed. Next will be our Beta Phase in which select participants will be allowed to use the product while we process any problems and errors that may arise. Once we’re confident that it is ready for general use it will be released as a General Availability product to anyone interested. When that happens, an announcement will be made, and I’m confident you’ll see it being used around the grid. Prior to General Availability, we’ll likely situate a group and vendors appropriately.
  • How will/can I use it?
    A) The ∞ Project is broken into sub-sections. A Project ∞ Account & Password and a Project ∞ Function. These functions, will be in the likeness to plugins so to speak. While we hope there to only be one, there is a possibility there will be more. Essentially, it will require you to fulfill a series of parameters to tell your Project ∞ Script how to function. This will be in the form of a notecard, and it will tell the script a couple of simple facts like whether you will want to detect by range/touch/payment and what you’d like to do with that information such as send an item or message for example. And while that all sounds horrendously complicated, we assure you, it’s not.
  • I know how it works!
    A) The ∞ Project is a remarkably complex project, in fact it’s been 7 years in the making, and many people like to think they know how it works. While we are grateful people are so interested in how it works, any idea you might have about it requires a great deal of script memory load and that defies the very existence of this project and why it exists. If your idea on how it works requires some level of communication and processing, you’re wrong, and any idea on how it works uses some level of communication and processing. Trust us, this does and will continue to redefine how scripts work in Second Life.
  • Who is mom?
    A) The ∞ Project makes a couple of references to “Mom”, and we don’t want to confuse you. Mom is a CPU, to which your ownership information gets stored. We do this to ensure anyone that has or is using The ∞ Project is in fact supposed to be. An authorizations system so to speak. We also do this so you have a backup in case you lose your passwords and other things of that sort. Mainly we do this to ensure your Project ∞ Script is up to date, and while we are sorry for any harping it does, harping is a skill mothers are best at.
  • It telling me it’s out of date!
    A) The ∞ Project is an ongoing frequently-updated project, especially right now, and that means that we’re still working on things. That often means lots of updates as well, and these updates are most often for your continued safety and well-being. Please select “My Updates” from your Project ∞ Script in order to obtain an updated copy. Once you do, Mom will stop harping on you about it. Consider this a way of doing your chores to get mom to leave you alone while you play video games.
  • Mine’s grown sentient!
    A) The Project ∞ Script, at it’s core, is extremely advanced and complicated. While we won’t tell to be afraid… We will tell you that you should probably be afraid. Please, don’t anger your script, or it might grow aware that you need it more than it needs you.
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