In case you haven’t heard…
…some things do last forever.

We welcome you to
The ∞ Project

If you’re not sure what that means,
it means The Infinity Project, just cooler.

So, since time began, Second Life has always had a cap on memory.
You can read up on that here, and here.

The ∞ Project is dedicated to redesigning the way memory, and memory limits in Second Life are handled and distributed, by going after the fabric that we know of. By changing the destination of memory and it’s usage from temporary memory, to permanent memory, your data potential becomes infinite and limits will become superfluous to how we work with and understand Second Life and it’s limitations.

Can you imagine?
A Second Life without limits.

Anything your script remembers, will no longer be stored the way we once remembered.
That’s where The ∞ Project comes in.

Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here, and we’ll do it with style.

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